Тема: Xasthur - 2004 - To Violate The Oblivious (Full)

Группа / Артист : Xasthur
Альбом: To Violate The Oblivious
Год: 2004
Тип записи: Full
Стиль: Ambient / Depressive Black Metal
Страна: США (Калифорния, Альгамбра)
Лейбл: Total Holocaust Records
Копий сделано: Неизвестно
Битрейт: 320 KBps
Размер: 136.78 Мб

MySpace: Внешняя ссылка

Трек лист:
01 - Intro 01:57
02 - Xasthur Within 06:09
03 - Dreams Blacker Than Death 05:18
04 - Screaming At Forgotten Fears 08:15 
05 - Comsumed By A Dark Paranoia 03:30   
06 - Marked By Shadows 06:39
07 - Apparitional Void Of Failure 04:33
08 - A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors 12:01 
09 - Walker Of Dissonant Worlds 05:36   
10 - Reflecting Hateful Energy (Bonus Track) 05:52
Время звучания: 59:53

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Дополнительная информация:
Moribund Cult released a re-mastered US pressing of this album in 2005
(Cat.-Nr.: Dead 60 CD) with added bonus track:
10. Reflecting Hateful Energy (5:51)
Perverted Taste released the double LP (limited to 500 copies) with additional
bonus track:
11. At the Pagan Samhain [Graveland cover] (8:10)

Xastur Within
Use them, abuse them, bleed them dry, to leave them fiending (weakened and manipulated)
In a lust for sin and a devourment for the living, our dreams connected (and wishes crossed paths)
For she is inside of me, and I in her. Death comes by sleep, be the shadow
to tint the corpses (in which we walk). We'll never be alone in the death
that surrounds us (all felt and seenthough the same eye). Let me parallel
your ancient ways. I will kill for you, if only you for me. Their poison,
our abyss had risen. Veins strengthen and hate is the will to live, shadows
of human suffering have found a home, watered with blackened blood for
extinction to grow. Poison my human heart, for you were created to rid me of
this human shell, to feel your murderess touch and lack of emotion.

Screaming At Forgotten Fears
A sinister telepathy is screaming at forgotten fears
An exit made of your self-destruction, may your reflection guide the blade.
In your lost code of self knowledge, a mere entrance for evil to enter
The venom is hidden and the venom wears a mask (I serve myself upon the wings
of pains affliction, unto thee). Disconnect from my state of being (and
without a trace) it was my soul that murdered yours. that murdered yours.

Marked By Shadows
Web made of sinister plots, lobotomized, tortured thoughts
Your words and what is sacred gives me the right to rape you
I want to find, I want to inflict all the pains you forgot to feel
Shadows branded on souls, in minds, subconscious revealed, has nowhere to hide
(Most destructive of shadows made in a graven image of the self)
So be it known, you haven't any belonging.

A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
Paint in blood
A sigil of death
On fading reflections
Beneath this night
Master of their infernal fears,
I take these burning gatesпїЅto reign
Pass this torch of evil (so I may become)
Through the candlelit
Bloodstained mirrorsпїЅ
to succumb to the netherworld of Satan.
Stare through the eyes of my mirror master,
And the mirror stares back into me


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